No other self-care has had quite the impact of your Hellerwork Structural Integration.  I’ve come away with opened-up channels of pure energy that I can feel flowing through my body!  Most exciting to me is that people are noticing the positive shift.

            Marnie D.


Subtle power; and, I’m no longer pigeon-toed for the first time in my life.  It’s worth it! Do it!

            Judy R.


Robert has been a life-saver over the past few years! He helped me overcome the pain and discomfort of several ailments including lasting relief from headaches/migraines, frozen shoulder, stiff neck and hip joints, and low back pain. Robert also greatly assisted in hastening my recovery nine months ago from a strained sacro-iliac joint and intercostal muscular injuries after falls.  His Hellerwork sessions have been therapeutically very effective. I highly recommend Robert.

            Shelley H.


I am very satisfied and happy with the improvement in my posture and the more relaxed feeling from my head on down to my toes.  I feel much more relaxed in my daily routine, whether it be exercising, walking, sitting or standing.

            Bernard D.


I have been pain-free since I last saw Robert.  Truth is, I am pain-free for the first time in many years. What a feeling of freedom that is. In fact, the rest of me feels totally stress-free. I no longer agonize over problems at work, pressures, deadlines: they all seemed to have dropped down to their correct prospective now, thanks, I am sure, to Robert and Hellerwork.

            Adele B.


Robert’s work not only alleviated my neck pain; but has also opened me up in ways I didn’t think were possible!  I stand and walk more erect and comfortably.  Robert’s work is subtly transformative; and, here, I must convey that Robert, himself, is a delight to work with!  I don’t believe you could find a gentler bodyworker.     

            Jennifer M.


I’m still glowing about the discovery and progress we made in healing my back; and must thank you for the big contribution you’ve made toward this healing throughout my life.  I’ll never forget my sessions with you.

            Sue S.