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Hellerwork Structural Integration


     Fascia is the organ of movement which wraps around, binds and suspends bones, muscles, and organs.  Robert works with the fascia system of the body in order to enhance structural alignment and comfortable function of the body.

     This work directly addresses the autonomic nervous system to disconnect the cycle of emotionally charged muscle memory that otherwise would continue to trigger pain.  In many cases, this work replaces surgeries such as knee and hip replacement, and even sinus surgery.  The International Congress on Fascia Research is documenting the far-reaching health benefits of structural integration.

     Hellerwork is known for it’s gentle approach.  The complete prearranged process requires twelve or more sessions, however one session is better than none.  Movement education and emotional association is included in order to continue shedding stress during your daily activities.


Robert Scherzinger


     Robert joined the staff at Health Integration Center in 1982.  His interest in how structural alignment enhances function began in 1970, when he was a model for a Structural Integration class overseen by Dr. Ida Rolf, the creator of Structural Integration.

     The Rolf Institute president, Joseph Heller, impressed Robert as being the gentlest of his colleagues.  Robert studied under Joseph and his teachers in1979, soon after Joseph Heller created his own gentle brand of Structural Integration Training (1250 hours) known as Hellerwork.

     Currently, Robert is President Emeritus of Hellerwork International LLC Board of Managers.