about Hellerwork

                    Offering you Relaxed Confidence
Benefits Condensed
     Muscle tension and stress in your body will be relieved, during the process of lengthening and balancing the structural alignment and posture of your body.  Aches and pains diminish, as you experience freedom from tension.
     Flexibility and endurance increase, allowing you to have a well balanced, more graceful, supple and energy-efficient body.  Through relaxed confidence, you experience more energy.
     This work increases your natural regenerative self-healing ability.  Your body's physiological functions will perform better.  This process promotes efficient use of your body, and allows you to feel better and look younger.

Form and Function
     During a Structural Integration session, Robert carefully and systematically manipulates the muscle and connective tissue system of the body, in order to align your body toward balance, release body stress and enhance the proper physiological function of all systems.
     With easy-to-learn movement techniques, you can experience more efficient and graceful ways to move in daily life.  You discover your natural artistry of fluid movement and relaxed confidence.  This movement awareness technique also continues the shedding of stress from your body during your daily activities, leaving you refreshed by the end of the day.

About Fascia, the connective tissue system
     Fascia is the broad, complex pattern of connective tissue, which wraps around and supports all of your muscles, bones and organs.
     Repeated patterns of inefficient--yet familiar--body movement habits in everyday activities establish an array of compensations, causing body stress to occur in the connective tissue system.  This stress results in unsupportive body posture.  Muscles must work hard and overtime to continually keep the major body blocks in balance.  The fascia, which is normally slippery and elastic, becomes thick and hardened.  It sticks to itself in order to support the increased load to the muscles.  The result is more body stress.
    This body stress creates back pain, headaches, arthritis, neck pains, sciatica, and contributes to all health problems.  Untreated, it compounds into a stiffening of the joints, causing impairment to graceful and efficient movement.  Activity that was once easy and enjoyable becomes less attractive for the greater effort it requires.  This is usually interpreted as natural and irreversable aging.  There is an alternative.

A Comprehensive Method
     The structural integration bodywork aligns your body so that it nurtures itself with minimum effort.  Muscle tissues are carefully and systematically moved toward your natural design of balance and symmetry.  In fact, a whole new sense of your body is experienced.  This structural bodywork also promotes better muscle tone and smoother movement quality.
     Learn supportive movement skills and functional form.  Practice of body movement allows the cycle of energy drain and structural break-down to be replaced by progressive self-enhancement.  The movement training gives you a dependable and easy method of shedding tension and stress from your body.  A graceful self-image of confidence, dependability and personal effectiveness is presented to others.  Even casual social contacts may seem altered.  Increased self-trust communicates itself as trustworthiness.
     Hellerwork Structural Integration is a gentle and profound process.  The standard structural integration series for adults consists of 10 to 18 visits.  Each session is generally 60 to 70 minutes.