Hellerwork Context


The Context of Hellerwork

The body is the channel for the energy of life.  The common assumption is that this channel deteriorates with time and gets narrower and narrower as we grow older.

However, what Hellerwork is saying is that this channel can actually get wider and wider as we grow older, that we can be empowered by age and that the process of growth and expansion can continue for the duration of the life of the body.

These ideas contradict the common beliefs about the body and the widely held assumptions of unworkability regarding our bodies.  These are:

1.  The way our bodies are is an accident--we are not responsible for them.

2.  It gets worse from here on through the inevitable deterioration of age.

3.  There is nothing we can do about the downhill direction except to resign ourselves to it or to resist.

Under these assumptions all we do is resist and struggle and indeed the channel begins to narrow.  This struggle is symbolized in our losing fight with gravity.

The context of Hellerwork is the context of workability:

1.  That we are responsible for creating the way our bodies are.

2.  That we have choice about how we experience our bodies.

3.  That we can consciously create changes in our bodies.

4.  That it can indeed get better and better with time.

The it that can get better is the experience of being alive.  Gravity represents the way things are in the physical universe and being aligned with gravity releases us from the struggle and allows us to experience ease and joy.

The quality and range of our experience of life can then improve and expand with time with a potential far beyond what we currently think possible.

At age 75 one will not have the body of a 25 year old;  however, one can have a more mature and broader capacity for the passions, heights and depths of experience and the capacity to be radiant with the energy of life.

This context gives us the foundation from which we can experience the workability and abundance of the world around us.  This context impacts not only our individual lives, but also business, education, health and organizations.

Hellerwork Structural Integration is about creating this context in people's lives.

Joseph Heller