about Robert

Robert Scherzinger is certified by the California state approved Hellerwork Training of structural integration and movement education, featuring the development of energy awareness and client empowerment.  Robert has achieved the mastery of this technique through intensive training in 1979/80, and by concentrated application since.  By active participation in continuing education programs and workshops, he maintains state of the art skills in structural integration and functional movement education.
Mainstream medicines create cellular vicariation.  Robert's research to find a superior medical philosophy led him to earn a doctoral degree in homeopathic medicine, used successfully world-wide for over 200 years.

Robert is currently President Emeritus of the Hellerwork International Board of Managers and holds membership in the following organizations:

International Association of Structural Integrators
American Hellerwork Structural Integration Association
Guild for Structural Integration
Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals
National Center for Homeopathy
National Health Federation
Hon. Life Member of the 
Long Beach Mystics Magic Club